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Remapping to number keys would be pretty cool

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its very fun to play althought if it get popular i wonder how you will deal with the copyright laws of avatar hopefuly it falls under creativatiy or something

True that some copyright holders don't like when others use their copyright, even for fan work, although ATM I can't think of an instance where a nonprofit fangame has been shutdown 🤔in any case we would have to comply if that did indeed happened.

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I think ATLA pretty chill about fangame. I think I saw some of the VA play a fangame somewhere


I'm on a windows laptop and it wont let me press start even when i have set 4 abilities and named myself

If the button is greyed out, it may be possible that your firewall has for some reason blocked the game, look into enabling it on there if it's the case!


its fixed i tried what you said and i worked thanks a lot now just gotta play

No worries!


The graphics cool, my young bro like these types of games :D

Thank you!


I have downloaded, will play :D