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Post big update.

Iā€™ve never felt quite a mixture of love and hate. Thank you so much for implementing my suggestion, but screw you for adding all the other stuff you know I suck at. And for scaring me. But lmk if you want anything else from me lol love you ā¤ļø 

No, thank YOU for your support, it really helps us continue doing what we like, you're 120% awesome!


NO thank YOU šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­


šŸŽµ The Candyman Can šŸŽµ

šŸŽµ The Candyman Can Cause He Mixes It With Love And Makes The World Taste Good šŸŽµ


Fun game, gave me a nice spook in the maze =) felt good getting all the candies >=D Keep up the work! Always a pleasure to play your games =D Your game is first in the video

Thank you for playing! It was really to watch :D