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This is a short horror story about The Werebed inspired by the Untold Stories video-game, as a small "horror" parody.

You come across an abandoned manor in the middle of the night... you're extremely tired, what will you do when the Kitsune sneaks up on you?!

Find out now, in The Werebed!

Cheats for v1 here.

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Updated 1 day ago
Published 17 days ago
AuthorsWhitewatt, Arekku
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnreal Engine, Adobe Photoshop
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Halloween, Horror, Minimalist, Short, Singleplayer, Text based, weird
Average sessionA few minutes


Get this game and 3 more for $3.00 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
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$1.00 $0.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Werebed 2.0 - Episode 1 (v1.01) 858 MB
The Werebed 1.1 - Episode 1 (v0.1) 856 MB
Intro / Splash Screen 1 MB

Download demo

Original Jam Submission 853 MB

Development log


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Made a video


Woah thank you for playing! :D


It was a petty fun story but we kind of got stuck trying to figure out what to do about getting off the bed so we kind of just messed around for a while before using your cheat sheet.


Yeah it was pretty linear and simple in the first version, hence why the new one is a lot more flexible :D

So now it's more of a text adventure letting players have some more choices. Now to see what your going to do for the next episode since the first one introduced the werebed and kitsune so they just have to be expanded on now.


Lol... If someone asked me why I was trying so hard to input the right answers, I wouldn’t know what to tell them. Makes for some hilarious moments though.


Thank you so much for playing! Subbed!

Well that's one way to get rid of annoying vulpine spirits I guess. Not exactly what was intended but whatever floats your boat.


Gave it a go, had a good laugh




Not gonna lie, I enjoyed that more than I thought I would lol


(1 edit) (+1)

Wow thanks lol


That was wholesome lol jk I mean felt cool

wholesome?? lmao

Haha just cool