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Openbound Online is a small project that me and my mate Alex created in only a few days for the heck of it.

I'm a massive Homestuck fan so, that's that.

The purpose of this "game" is for you to roleplay with your pals and whatever, although it is by no means finished, it can still be "played".

To play with friends, someone needs to host, and the rest need to connect via IP address. Host must have port 7777 open or all players must have a software like Hamachi installed.

Anyway, enjoy!


  1. WASD or Arrows: Movement
  2. Enter: Starts typing, then enter again to send
  3. Alt: Hide chat
  4. Shift: RUN
  5. CTRL: Shows player list and ping
  6. Esc (while ingame) exists to main menu


  • What to put in port? - Leave it empty, but you need to have port 7777 open, otherwise you'll have to use a software like Hamachi to connect with your pals.
  • Help button has no help?? - So what? All the help you can need is on this page!
  • How to connect? - Enter IP of host and click SSH or Execute.sh to host :)
  • I FOUND A BUG FEOFDJOKWEetgegeqfjie - Send it in the comments asap so we can FIX IT!!
  • This "game" stinks" -  Well so do you!

Current Features:

  • Spawn as Kurloz or Latula
  • Set your text color using RGB values
  • Walk around 2 small rooms
  • Host a server for to play with your friends
  • Chat with your friends (roleplaying!)
  • Emote the kismesis icon above your head
  • See other player names above their heads
  • See a player list
  • Hide the chat


  • Add more models and rooms to walk around
  • Lower the chat distance so that you can't communicate if in different rooms
  • Add sound settings
  • And graphical settings I guess
  • Fix the nameplates somehow, when it's in small res it looks ugly
  • Fix sprites as well, also distorted :(
  • That emote button DOES NOT look right
  • Add more emotes
  • Add more characters
  • Ability to change to port
  • Syladex Inventory??
  • Spawn objects???
  • Grab and move objects???
  • Custom character creator????
  • Server list?????
  • ????????????

Also, Openbound Online's assets and Homestuck stuff all belong to Andrew Hussie and WhatPumpkin.


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Development log


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yo i hope this works out for you guys! i know lots of people are gonna love this, as well as me! :)
i hope in the future we can upload our own sprites and play on alternia as our fantrolls or whatever! :D

Thank you for your support! Those are great suggestions, I'll add them to our roadmap! Also, if you want earlier pics of the occasional updates, join Homestuck Hangout on discord, we have our little corner there :) https://discord.gg/kvGkmq4

sweet! i'll be sure to join!

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm actually very excited for this! I sent this to my Discord server so it'd get more clout, you deserve it!! Good luck to both you and your friend Alex!! I really hope you keep updating

Thank you for the kind words! I'll make an update before the next weekend with more sprites and stuff :)


Wow, an online game, nice! =D

Thank you!